Our founders bring decades of experience to Oceidon. Oceidon focuses on problems that need solutions. We do not build tech for the sake of building tech. Our activities focus on developing impactful solutions that enhance and help commerce.

Husnu Yesirci (Hus)

Hus has focused on developing big data business opportunities using business strategies, design, and product skills gained during his 15+ year career. He has led software projects from concept to delivery, and into post deployment management in industries such as Aviation, Construction, IT and Telco. Hus has worked in partnership with public institutions including the Turkish and Hungarian Federal Governments and private sector conglomerates like Turkcell and Planet Labs. He is also a speaker at conferences such as the Consortium Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy. Hus is focused on the relationship between governance, security and privacy mechanisms of Web 3.0 and the off-chain world.

Jack Krosinski

Jack is a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. A University of Toronto graduate (Hon. BA). Former VP of IT at the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce, founding partner of Krosinski Enterprises Ltd., CEO of MouTHy Inc. Jack brings cross industry experience within emerging industries such as blockchain and cannabinoid medical to established pillars of the economy such as real estate and FMCG. Jack began crypto mining on his home rig in 2011, followed up by the development of one of the first On-chain for Off-chain product swaps in 2014 ( – sold/defunct). In 2020 he initiated the implementation of Hyperledger based supply chain tracking and tokenization of inventory for MouTHy Inc.

Andrew Green

Andrew is a strategic marketer with over 20 years experience in sales and business operations. As the owner and operator of Green Web Endeavours he is at home in the team leadership role. Andrew's strong problem-solving skills have helped companies such as Gold Coast Distributors (Senior Account Manager) and Iron Heart Canning (Regional Manager) drive productivity to become more cost effective within their market space. Andrew was an early adopter of Tron and ERD (now EGLD), and is now researching the most obscure reaches of the blockchain. He is a serial investor in new projects and needless to say he has mooned, crashed, been rugged, front run, and sniped thus gaining real world experience of blockchain.