About Oceidon

We are a ‘no-bull’ straight talking technology company

Our technology includes a set of tools and products that solve business problems. We do not lose ourselves in tech. Oceidon looks at the business benefits of our proposed solutions.
Before we bring technology to bear we begin by asking non-tech questions that address:
  • Necessity
  • Financial viability
  • Sustainability
  • Growth optimisation
  • Modularity
  • Off chain impact...

  • 2022

    May 12

    Oceidon SMART Score Launched - Smartcentral.io

    Public facing personal blockchain score website launched. Utilization of filed patents.

  • 2022

    May 4

    SMART Score Trademarks

    Multiple trademarks filed ahead of public launch of Oceidon SMART Score.

  • 2022

    April 15

    BLOX NFT Builder - Alpha Deployed

    Public testing of our NFT builder interface goes live.

  • 2022

    March 29

    Oceidon NFT Viewer

    Multichain NFT Viewer deployed.

  • 2022

    February 18

    Corporate Headquarters Guernsey

    Oceidon Corporation Limited registered as a limited company in Guernsey

  • 2022

    February 18

    Additional Oceidon trademark filings

    Multi-jurisdiction Oceidon trademark filing

  • 2022

    February 12

    Blox builder utility token deployed

    OBLOX token is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain via the Uniswap Dex

  • 2022

    January 20

    2 more Blockchain developers

    Our team expands to 8 full time positions.

  • 2022

    January 16

    Oceidon Meta NFTs Airdropped

    All Meta NFTs airdropped on the Ethereum blockchain

  • 2021

    December 5

    Initial NFT Offering Complete

    Nearly 2900 NFTs sold amounting to 1.4 million BUSD raised

  • 2021

    November 10

    Blox NFT Project Seed Sale Complete

    Oceidon Blox NFT project seed funding raises 100% of funds required in just 36 hours

  • 2021

    October 18

    First patent filing

    Beginning of Oceidon's IP portfolio

  • 2021

    September 10

    Team expansion

    Additional developers are regularly hired to help in Oceidon's growth.

  • 2021

    June 7

    Partnership Formalised

    Oceidon is established

    After "courting" each other for 4 months the founders formalised their relationship via the creation of Oceidon Corporation.

Company Road Map

A good team

Great people = Great product
We are now 8 full time team members strong, spanning 3 continents.

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Reach out if need be, we're actually really friendly folks.