Development Update – December – 2022

Cardano Integration

  • SMART Score is now pulling data from the Cardano blockchain and scoring Cardano based NFT assets. This integration was completed in a mere 30 days from beginning to end. Supported Cardano wallets are: Flint, Yoroi, Nami and Eternl.

API development

  • Backend infrastructure development has completed its first phase, we are now working on the development of our API gateways with an estimated completion time frame of 60 days.

UI and UX


Cardano Summit



GDA International

  • We've engaged GDA International to consult on the next 18 month business and product development roadmap. GDA International incubates, advises and invests into blockchain, digital asset, metaverse / gaming and web 3.0 companies that are defining new industry niches.The GDA International team has significant expertise across the entire blockchain industry including digital asset go-to-market strategies, partnerships, PR, community and tokenomics development.The GDA International executive team has a world-leading track record of experience executing for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and venture projects. Our broad network is composed of global partners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.

Planet Labs

  • Oceidon Corporation became an OEM technology partner to Planet Labs. Planet Labs PBC is an American public (NYSE:PL) Earth imaging company based in San Francisco, California. Their goal is to image the entirety of the Earth daily to monitor changes and pinpoint trends. Planet boasts a fleet of over 200 active satellites.

Vexcel Imaging GMBH

  • Oceidon Corporation is now an OEM technology partner to Vexcel Imaging GMBH. Vexcel Imaging taps into more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise offering digital aerial cameras based on the latest and most-advanced technology.

JPEG Store

  • To celebrate the integration of SMART Score with the Cardano chain, and showcase, we will be launching a fun and representative NFT collection in partnership with JPEG Store, the biggest and most significant NFT marketplace on Cardano.This will help expose all Oceidon products to tens of thousands of new users, driving increased adoption and interest.Owners of the Oceidon BLOX META NFT’s will benefit from first access and lower mint pricing for this new limited collection.


Protocol integration meetings

  • Now that API gateways are being completed we have engaged a number of leading blockchain protocols in integration discussions with the potential to actively score millions of wallets and assets, making SMART Score the leading scoring oracle in blockchain.